50 Hour Pranayama Teacher Training


Join AYAs founder and Senior Teacher for this exciting, practical, and in-depth training in the theory and practice of Patanjali’s 4 th Limb of Yoga, Pranayama.

“The mind controls the body, but the breath controls the mind”.
— Svatmarama, Hatha Pradipika

What the ancients knew through practice and observation, modern medicine and science can now corroborate. We can use our breathing to help us to adapt and thrive according to circumstance and requirement. If we can control our breath, we can control our mind and if we can control our mind, we can control our destiny.

Your breath is your most powerful ally and can be wielded as a trusted tool to help yourself and others to maintain inner equilibrium and mental and physical wellbeing during these uncertain and trying times.

This 50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training is a practical deep dive into the ancient art and practice of breathwork, (Pranayama), whilst drawing on the very latest research and modern practices that have been proven to assist in achieving steadiness and ease of mind and body and to help people achieve the highest levels of health and wellbeing.

Includes daily personal practice and more than 10 hours of teaching practice and feedback ensuring that you both metabolise the practices and techniques and allowing you the opportunity to practice your teaching, receive constructive feedback in real time, and are confident to be able to share the techniques with others.

Each unit of study is designed around a core mental and physical objective. You will explore the theory, science and practices pertaining to each unit from the fields of pranayama and Ayurveda.

Additionally, this course provides the practitioner with an introduction to Ayurvedic concepts as they pertain to those units of study and relevant areas of inquiry. This training is open to all. Not just yoga teachers.

All four units are required to be completed to gain the 50-hour Advanced Pranayama Yoga Teacher qualification under the Yoga Alliance banner.

Completing individual units of the course contributes to CPD points for both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia and may be also used to upgrade yoga teacher qualifications.


Dominique Salerno

Dominique is a veteran of 25 years practice and is a passionate and inspired student, teacher, and facilitator. She has spent the last 2 decades practicing, studying, and teaching in the complimentary fields of Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda. This training brings together these areas in a way that makes them accessible and available for you to begin weaving them into your everyday life and practice as well as your yoga classes and workshops.

Dominique’s Pranayama training has made such a significant impact in my life, not only in my yoga practice but most importantly off the mat in my day to day life.

As a yogi I am so much more present in the flow and by complete surprise to me it often feels like I literally have energy flowing through my body. I feel more stable and I feel more alive.

What I am most grateful for is how Dominique’s generous teachings have affected my day to day life. I draw on the Pranayama practices and Ayurvedic teachings continuously throughout my day.

I work in a sometimes intense working environment and Pranayama is my secret weapon – this is just the beginning, a whole new world of wisdom has been opened up to me.

Thank you Dominique, I am forever grateful.

Sam Fernando


Dominique’s style of teaching is warm, inclusive, and passionate.

Her feedback was both constructive and nonjudgmental, giving students confidence and motivation to develop and grown.

When students were nervous Dominique always supported them in a way that kept them grounded.

There is a lovely mix of ancient wisdom and modern research that supports it.

I highly recommend this course, the content and the energy that exudes from Dominique will keep you wanting more.

Pamela Garrity


Dominique’s passion and extensive knowledge is a testament to her dedication in making pranayama relatable and meaningful for modern life.

Steeped in research, this training offers current and relatable insights into the effects of pranayama on body, mind, and spirit.

Expect to be led to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the breath and prana, embedding individualised and general approaches and practice.

Undeniably beneficial for anyone wanting to understand pranayama more intimately.

Julia-Rose Gribble


I absolutely loved every minute of it and have learnt so much.

It has given me an even bigger appetite for further training, and I will be keeping a close eye on future courses that you run.

You have a very special talent for delivering a lot of complex and detailed information in a very simple and precise way.

Kathryn Anderson


In the last two years I have done two courses with you: teachers yoga training and now pranayama. These two courses have saved my life and my family.

Before I started my yoga course, my family was torn apart I did not want to live anymore. I hated myself and lacked self-confidence.

With these two courses you have changed the way I see life, you have giving me the tools to be able to love life and love who I am. My life has a whole new purpose, I understand why I think, feel and do the things I do. I now understand my self and with these tools I can help my children to live a fulfilled, healthy loving life.

Thank you, Dominique please keep doing what you are doing. So many women need your loving touch and knowledge so they can pass on to their children.

Korina McKenzie


Dominique is a teacher who knows her material to an academic level, plans her teaching meticulously and resources it generously. Yet has the ability to present it with warmth, humour and clarity which makes it highly accessible.

Mark Wilcock


Dominique possesses astounding knowledge and ties together both the tradition of pranayama and the modern science of breathing and physiology in a thoroughly engaging way.

She shares with unflinching generosity and utmost respect to her teachers and her students.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding and their practice.

Irene Malamas