Dominique Salerno

Yoga with Dominique

Dominique believes that the world needs yoga now more than ever. Yoga practice is an antidote to the stresses and strain of our everyday contemporary life. However, our modern bodies, require a different approach. One which will enable us to practice in a way that is safe, sustainable and that supports the demands of life in the 21 st century.

She subscribes to the idea that great yoga teaching is not about wrangling students into complicated shapes. Rather, she is passionate about offering classes which include the use of variations, props, and safe alternatives to help bring the practice to the student.

She is an authentic and compassionate teacher and human being, and oftentimes irreverent and lively presenter, making yoga practice with Dominique accessible, safe, challenging and fun.

Whilst at the same time honouring and conveying the spirit of the original tradition making the postures and techniques manageable and safe for modern students regardless of their level of experience or ability.

Over her 20+ years’ experience, Dominique has honed her abilities to be able cater to all levels and offer individual variations to her students, even in a busy, mixed level class environment.

Dominique specialises in teaching both Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series as well as general Slow Flow public classes. Her classes are perfectly paced to provide ample time and opportunity to move into each asana safely. Her focus on alignment and attention to detail assist her students to refine and metabolise each asana to create strength, awareness, and sensitivity within the context of the posture. This, coupled with her unique talent of being able to masterfully cue transitions and the activation and alignment within the asana, makes for a truly satisfying, safe, sustainable, and yet challenging experience.

Currently, Dominique teaches a small and dedicated group of students from within Australia and all over the world online, leading them in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.

She also offers private 1:1 or small group, and corporate sessions either online or in person.

Online classes, private 1:1 tuition, small group, or corporate sessions available.

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I genuinely enjoy this Ashtanga Practice group. My practice has strengthened, as has my understanding of alignment. I value the precision of the cues, the accessibility of the practice, and the physical challenge – great for the body and mind.

Ruth Morgan

Your yoga classes are inspiring, and let’s not forget bloody tough, but your knowledge of the poses and your ability to cue with such precision has taught me so much about the poses, yoga in general and my practice. Your attitude makes me laugh and is such an important reminder to keep it real and be yourself. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with you as a teacher and I definitely want to continue learning from you whenever possible

Kate Beaumont

I’ve recently begun practicing again with Dominique and I feel like I’ve come back home. To myself. To my teacher and to the practice of yoga. Dominique is such an authentic person and I’ve loved practicing ‘real’ yoga again. Not the more choreographed type of yoga that’s become the norm online and in studios. The intentional integration of a sankalpa, pranayama and meditation weaved throughout her classes makes it a truly mesmerising experience that has brought me back to why I connected with the practice of yoga and began my teacher training journey with Dominique nearly a decade ago. Thank You Dominique.

Emily May

Dominique was my first yoga teacher 20 years ago and having the opportunity to connect with her online was so important for me. It brought a newness to my yoga practice. The Ashtanga Primary Series has just added another dimension. I’m feeling stronger, more grounded and seeing my practice improve each time I connect with the mat. Thank you, Dominique, for your passion, wisdom and guidance.

Marita Reynolds

Thanks for these classes, Dominique! I love how refined your cues are. They really help me to feel into my body and improve my practice.

Grace Vinning

My Saturday morning Ashtanga classes with Dominique are the highlight of my week! They are fantastically done, and full of fun and joy. They are also strong, engaging, informative, inspiring, and awesome overall. Dominique leads us through primary series in such a great, safe way, offering modifications and adaptations as well as challenges to suit our individual practice. As a yoga teacher myself, (having trained under Dominique many years ago), these sessions are such an asset to my own practice and teaching – packed with so much of her excellent knowledge and inspiration, and her hilarious humour of course! I am deeply grateful for these classes and the opportunity to reconnect with an amazing teacher. Highly Recommend. Thank You.

Lyn Liddel